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Photo: Charles Masters
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Toolbox Mainstay

The 8-inch Cornea HI is tough (the housing is anodized aluminum), adjustable (goes from wide to tight beam with a twist), and fun (strobe light anyone?). At the brightest setting, its beam has a 584-foot range, thanks to three potent lithium batteries. 105 lumens, about $65; Gerber Gear

Power Struggle: LEDs vs. Incandescents
Compare a modern AA-powered LED flashlight with an old-school D-cell battery incandescent, and it becomes clear how much LEDs have furthered flashlight efficiency and performance:

Power (watts): LED = 3, Incandescent = 1.2
Brightness (lumens): LED= 50; Incandescent = 11
Bulb life (hours): LED = 50,000+; Incandescent 15
Battery life (hours): LED= 3; Incandescent = 18

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