exterior of 1927 cottage with addition built on
Photo: Susan Seubert

Added Space, Kept the Scale

Known among its Salem, Oregon, neighbors as the Tulip Cottage because of the floral motif on the stained-glass front window, the 1927 house looked perfect, Randy Fishfader thought—if only it were just a little bigger. When she heard from a friend that the cottage was going on the market, she decided she had to go for it. But before putting in her offer, she called contractor Robert Kraft to do the walk-through—and a reality check—with her. Randy wanted a ground-floor bedroom and bath that could serve as a guest suite for the present and as a master suite later, when she no longer wanted to climb the stairs each night. But getting that would be tricky. Kraft called in local architect Karl Anderson to devise a plan to straighten out the awkward spaces and add a gentle enlargement that would be in keeping with the scale and style of the cute-as-a-button cottage.
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