couch made from coffin
Photo: Coffin Couches
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Creep-City Coffin Couches

It's no apparition: These drop-dead gorgeous sofas from Coffin Couches are made from recycled 18-gauge steel coffins obtained from funeral homes in Southern California. (Because of slight cosmetic inconsistencies, the coffins were never used for burial; health and safety laws prohibit funeral homes from reselling used coffins.) Supported by six steel legs, each custom creation can support 900 pounds. Couches are upholstered with cushy leather or vinyl padding in out-of-this-world colors, such as Dodger blue, pink, and red.

Shown here: the hair-raising Green Lantern style. The couches are 83 inches long by 35 inches high by 28 inches wide. About $3,500, Coffin Couches
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