after floor plan of renovated kitchen in Victorian home
Floor Plan: Ian Worpole
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What They Did

1. Started From Scratch. The homeowners demolished the old 12-by-14-foot, circa-1964 kitchen in favor of a more workable 16-by-21-foot space that spans the back of the house. All the windows and doors are new.

2. Put In an Island. Adding a central workstation/storage island, complete with a second sink, allowed the couple his-and-hers food-prep areas.

3. Created an Eating Nook. The corner where the back door had been is now an inviting windowed space that holds built-in bench seating, a small table, and a chair.

4. Relocated Appliances. The range, fridge, and primary sink now form a triangle at one end of the kitchen, away from the seating area. The formerly 2-foot-wide doorway to the butler's pantry (which leads into the dining room) is now a foot wider for better traffic flow.

5. Added a Chimney. Installing a fireplace meant running a new chimney up through the eaves. Building out the wall made room for bookshelves around it and a recess above it for a flat-panel TV.

6. Built a Porch. To help further tie the kitchen into the rest of the exterior, a side porch was added to echo one on the other side of the house.

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