four ceiling medallions
Photo: Antonis Achilleos

How to Size a Medallion

Ceiling medallions come in all sizes and designs, befitting everything from simple Colonial-style sitting rooms to ornate Victorian parlors. Not all are white to mimic plaster; some have metallic or woodlike finishes, and others use mirrors as embellishment. Here are some of the classic and interesting medallion looks available.

Sizing a Medallion
To ensure your medallion doesn’t overpower or underwhelm, follow these handy guidelines:

Room Size = 140 square feet or less:
Medallion Diameter =Up to 20 inches

Room Size = 140 to 210 square feet:
Medallion Diameter = 20 to 30 inches

Room Size = 210 to 280 square feet:
Medallion Diameter = 30 to 40 inches

Room Size = More than 280 square feet:
Medallion Diameter = 40 inches or larger
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