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Photo: Jason Green/ Karvd.com
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"The Scream" by Jason Green

Jason Green, a freelance graphic designer in Boston, found that his technology know-how lends itself nicely to pumpkin pattern-making. What started as an experimental self-portrait carving became Karvd.com, where Green showcases his work and offers custom carving services.

This pumpkin, inspired by Edvard Munch's "The Scream," was Green's second carving. It took 10 hours to complete using a standard pumpkin-carving saw and an X-Acto knife. "It was something I made while in college, so the only display it really had was in front of my dorm room," Green said. Now this carver is so hooked to the craft that he carves watermelons in the summer, when pumpkins are out of season.

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