wood countertop on kitchen island with window over kitchen sink in background
Photo: Nathan Kirkman
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Buying Tips

In this story we've mostly listed manufacturers' suggested retail prices (MSRPs). But it pays to check around (it even pays to haggle for free delivery and an extended warranty with high-priced items that are rarely discounted). Google can help you comparison-shop online, and so can sites like Pricegraber.com and Shopzilla, which gather up sources for you. They steered us to a number of online retailers offering a kitchen faucet listed at about $272 (MSRP) for less than $190, including one that offered free shipping. But not so fast! It didn't apply to orders under $199.99. So keep in fmind: No price comparison is final until you include shipping and delivery. Also, it's safest to buy from approved dealers (listed at manufacturers' websites)—and nothing's a bargain without a good warranty and return policy. So be sure to read all the fine print.
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