mix high-end and lower-end materials to get a high-end look within budget
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Smart Homeowners Know

Want to copy the place down to the last, pricey detail? Go for it. Not in the market for major extravagance? Then maybe just steal that combination of light-reflecting woodwork and Carrara-style counters. Maybe give glass doors a pass if your dinnerware can't take the pressure. You may want to spring for the heirloom-quality faucet if you're in your forever house (just take it with you if you decide to sell). Or skip the diva range for one that offers a little less drama and a little more value.

As resourceful homeowners know, the smart money is on learning to mix high-end products and materials with those on the lower end—while keeping a keen eye on quality, of course. You've probably been doing that for years yourself (which helps explain how you ended up with a $20 toaster and a $200 panini grill). Now's a good time to apply that same approach to freshening up your kitchen. Start with some of these inspiring finds.
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