stylish storage cabinets to help you organize your bath
Photo: Mark Lund

A Place for Everything

Fluffy towels, extra shampoo, that value-size tub-and-tile cleaner—try finding a place for all the stuff in your bathroom when the only thing that fits under the sink is the plumbing. As one homeowner, posting on our discussion boards as "Alfetta159," says, "I love the pedestal sink in my 1930s house, but it has no storage!" Alfetta, we hear you. And so, apparently, do bath-cabinet makers. "Bath storage has evolved tremendously in the past few years," says Patricia Gaylor, an interior designer in Little Falls, New Jersey. "Today you can get vanities in virtually every size and style to help declutter around your sink." Read on for 11 finds and four tips that can solve any household's needs, from a petite powder-room stand to a dresserlike base you can pack with bottles, jars, and bath towels galore.
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