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Photo: Alexandra Bandon
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The Herb Garden

One of my issues, in dealing with limited space, was where to put the kitchen garden. I didn't want to give up valuable plant-bed real estate, so I decided containers were the way to go. Plus, the sunniest spot in the garden is here in this corner of the patio, just outside the kitchen door. I potted mint, basil, cilantro, nasturtiums, parsley, oregano, sage, thyme, rosemary, chives, and heirloom tomatoes.

The mint, which is perennial, would otherwise grow like crazy and take over everything else. Even though it's limited to two large pots, it still comes back strong every year. At the end of the season, I just cut it back, dry some, and make a big batch of mint chocolate chip ice cream from the rest. Who says you can't have a This Old House lifestyle in the big city?
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