six cabinets stacked on top of each other to make one tall cabinet
Photo: Alexandra Bandon
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"Built-in" Kitchen Cabinets

I have a lot of cabinet space, but there's still never enough. So I took advantage of a little recess in one corner of the kitchen to create a unique storage unit. I piled six IKEA Varde cabinets, which have flip-up doors, to fill the space.

I turned the first three upside down and bolted them together, then put legs on them; they sit against the wall as a freestanding piece of furniture, and their doors flip down. Then I mounted the other three to the wall directly above them, so their doors flip up. The result is one tall cabinet that fits perfectly in its little space—room for serving dishes, wine glasses, and a bar. A combination of glass and wood doors breaks up the solid front.
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