re-upholstering a chair can help tie colors and patterns of a room together
Photo: Bill Mazza
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Re-upholstered Chair

I have a chair obsession. It's not totally without purpose—I like to entertain, so people need a place to sit. Recently I found a set of six dining chairs at the Salvation Army for only $120. Three of them I gave to a friend. One was damaged and had to be tossed. But the remaining two got a second life in my apartment thanks to a little elbow grease and some mod new fabric that has the browns and blues found elsewhere in the room.

After one long evening painstakingly pulling out staples from three layers of upholstery on the seats, I got down to the bare wood. That I padded out with some new foam, then stapled on the updated fabric. I screwed the seats back on the chair, and now I have a comfortable way to sit at my table.

Total cost: about $35 per chair
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