refinished tub in master bath of 1909 Craftsman
Photo: Josh Gibson
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Refinished Claw-foot Tub

We had decided to split the huge master bathroom, which had been carved out of an extra bedroom years before, in two. We wanted to add a second bath for guests and to carve out space in our own for a walk-in closet, a laundry area, and that claw-foot tub. For days I rearranged brooms to show where I wanted the walls and a bucket for where I wanted a toilet. I had John measure several times, because inches mattered. I outlined the tub's space on the floor with chalk. A local refinisher was fixing its enamel. The missing leg was replaced by a guy in Chicago who salvages old tubs and found a match by fishing around in his barrels of spare parts.

The shower we bought for the guest bath didn't fit, so we found a place for it in the master bath. That was after John put down the heart-pine flooring he handpicked from an old lumber mill. Unfortunately, he had to reset each staple with a hammer and steel bar after he made the mistake of trying to nail the boards down with a mechanical stapler—on the wrong (groove) side.
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