plug-in concrete fountain and bright mosaic accent pavers
Photo: Jacqueline Koch
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Garden Fountain and Custom Paver

I commissioned a local mosaic artist, Clare Dohna, to make a trio of accent pavers. I sent her paint swatches in plum, marigold, butter yellow, and leaf green. Lilies, roses, hydrangeas, and even trees are all in these dramatic colors that give the greatest effect per square inch of planting space.

I can't imagine a garden without water for its soothing sound and light- and sky-reflecting properties. But how to squeeze a pond and fountain into such a tiny space? I decided on a freestanding concrete fountain, instead. It merely needs to be filled up and plugged in. Water bubbles up from the sphere on top then flows into a pair of rectangular basins.

The fountain holds pride of place on the main terrace, next to the dining table. ­Despite its small volume of water, butterflies and dragonflies flock to it, and birds teeter on the rim.
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