large galvanized feed troughs serve as permanent planters in a raised garden
Photo: Jacqueline Koch
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Feed-Trough Planters

To determine the rest of the materials and get the work done, I sought the help of local landscapers Byron and Dana Moffett and ­carpenter Shawn Ogle. We created topographical interest, as well as better soil and easier-on-the-back gardening, by building raised beds in two different sizes, shapes, and materials.

Four round galvanized-metal feed troughs (with holes drilled in the bottom for drainage) echo the metal used for the screens. Tomatoes and strawberries ripen quickly in the soil warmed by their reflectivity. The 5-foot troughs also serve as low-maintenance planters for yellow gaillardias, Peruvian lilies, pumpkins, and strawberries.
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