garden hose made of recycled PVC reinforced with polyester mesh
Photo: Darrin Haddad
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What to Look for in a Hose

Good advice from TOH landscaping contractor Roger Cook:
• Keep the lengths to 50 feet; anything longer gets unwieldy.
• Look for a 5/8-inch inside diameter, to provide adequate water flow.
• Choose thick-walled brass couplings that can't be crushed.
• Select from the following hose types, depending on which purpose you want to put it to and how long you want it to last.

Utility Hose I
Made of recycled PVC reinforced with polyester mesh, these hoses are light and inexpensive but get stiff in cold weather and tend to kink. Most need replacing every few years.

Shown: Flexogen's extra-thick hose wall resists kinks, cuts, and bursts. Its octagonal couplings are machined brass. Lifetime warranty. 5/8-inch, 50 feet. Around $36, Gilmour
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