Common Deerweed (Lotus scoparius)

Acmon blue butterfly larvae prefer legumes, including buckwheat, alfalfa, and deerweed. Deerweed is a native perennial shrub that requires full sun. The plant can grow to 48 inches and is considered drought-tolerant. Cabbage White and Painted Lady butterflies will visit for nectar. Zone 9

Acmon Blue (Plebejus acmon)
These fly from March to October in Western Oregon, Nevada, and southern California. Males can be identified by blue uppersides and females can be identified by brown uppersides. Both have a red-orange band on hindwings and white undersides with black spots. Due to the volcanic eruption of 1980, a thriving Acmon Blue community was displaced from Mount Saint Helens. In addition, ongoing land development has driven colonies to western fields, prairie hills, and weedy road edges.
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