Floor Plan After: What They Did

1. Reassigned rooms on the second floor. The master bath took the place of the master bedroom, which moved over, capitalizing on a rarely used sitting-room space. The bathroom grew from 114 to nearly 157 square feet and gained lots of natural light. A second, smaller bathroom adjoining one of the kids’ bedrooms was easy to add where the master bath had been.
2. Laid out the new master bath in line with the adjoining bath, relegating a few extra feet to the bedroom. A new toilet room positions the two waste lines in close proximity and is located off the new entrance for easy access. The shower sits opposite the room’s entrance to keep its door swing away from other fixtures in the shared space.
3. Reworked windows in the old bedroom so the tub could be tucked under three double-hungs for a light-filled focal point opposite the console sinks. One of the two other windows went into the bedroom.
4. Upped storage with built-in glass-front cabinets that flank the bath’s entryway. Shelves hold baskets for toiletries and other basics, plus family photos and artwork by the boys.
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