Form, Function and Frugality

Form and function have always been the two most important f-words in home-product design. Well, we'd like to add a third: frugality. A single appliance, fixture, or finish can lend a fresh feel to any room without unduly depleting your savings. This year's kitchen and bath industry show—the unveiling of all that is new and, in many cases, extremely expensive—seemed an unlikely place to find such one-hit wonders. But we cased the aisles and came up with a long list of items that add the same convenience, comfort, and style you'd expect to find in products with much heftier price tags. The five-star-hotel bathroom fixture that drenches you with luxurious streams of water but goes for a luxurious $3,000 when you finally find it online? We discovered one that does the trick for just $225. So if you're not ready for a major renovation, don't sweat. Just check out these great deals and give yourself—and your bank account—a break.
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