Maria's Garden Plan
Text & Photograph by Maria Hasenecz
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Maria's Garden Plan

To add interest to—and build in some surprises on—the narrow 75-by-200-foot lot, many of the beds and borders are carved out with curves that wind through the property.

Plant For Privacy In front, an island of greenery provides a buffer between the house and the street. Along the driveway, Leyland cypress, arborvitae, hollies, and dogwood and redbud trees screen the house next door. On the other side, a rose-and-clematis-covered trellis 6 ½ feet tall and 10 feet long sits against the fence to block the view of the neighbor's house from the patio.

Create Outdoor Rooms A shady front garden, a patio for dining with a view of long formal beds bordering a restful swath of lawn, a backyard oasis for relaxing in an Adirondack chair with the sound of flowing water—these varied spaces provide areas to sit, dine, entertain, and just relax.
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