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Brandon, Vermont

The Neighborhood
Chartered in 1761, Brandon lies along the Neshobe River and has a historic district that encompasses almost the entire town. It's the kind of place where everyone says hello, and Park Street—lined with trees and mid-19th-century houses—is touted by many preservationists as the most beautiful street in Vermont. Brandon has about 4,000 residents, including artists, retirees, and young families. Work opportunities are generally limited to small businesses, including a handful of working farms, a medical center, and the town's two schools (one serving K-8 and the other a regional high school). Middlebury College is just 20 minutes away.

The Houses
The rich inventory here includes Cape Cod, Federal, Greek Revival, Carpenter Gothic, Italianate, and Classical Revival styles. Many houses were built between 1795 and the 1890s.

The Prices
An 1830s fixer-upper might set you back $250,000, while a fully renovated Victorian-era home on Park Street is likely to go for $500,000 or more.

Why Buy Now?
Inviting streets, friendly neighbors, and an unusual cache of early-19th-century houses make this a smart investment for lovers of small-town New England charm.

Among the best for:
RetireesFamilies with KidsArt LoversThe Northeast
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