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Eastport, Maine

The Neighborhood
Here's the best thing about Eastport, Maine: Since it's the easternmost city in the country, residents here receive, literally, the very first sunshine of the day. Located on Moose Island in Passamaquoddy Bay, tiny Eastport (population: about 2,000) was settled by fishermen drawn not only to the abundant shoals but also to a harbor that never seemed to ice over. The town grew into a major shipping port, even rivaling New York. These days, tourists flock here to enjoy Eastport's maritime history and to catch glimpses of whales, seals, ospreys, and bald eagles. It's also a magnet for artists, thanks to its numerous galleries and an arts center that offers classes as well as frequent concerts.

The Houses
Eastport features turn-of-the-century Colonials and Cape Cods, as well as Victorian-era Second Empire and Queen Anne homes.

The Prices
A needy Cape Cod can be had for as little as $100,000, while the higher-end Second Empires run $300,000 and up.

Why Buy Now?
In a state where few of the properties along the water are still affordable, Eastport offers the charm of coastal living and loads of natural beauty, for a reasonable price.

Among the best for: Bargains,
Outdoor Enthusiasts, Art Lovers, Northeast
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