neighborhoods of Las Vegas, New Mexico
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Las Vegas, New Mexico

The Neighborhood
"The other Las Vegas" was the location for the Academy Award—winning film No Country for Old Men, perhaps because of its stuck-in-time quality: The town has more than 900 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. Home to a diverse, heavily Latino community, the town hosts the United World College of the American West, which lures students from all over the globe. Las Vegas also has natural wonders—a national wildlife refuge, the Gallinas River, and Storrie Lake State Park—and plenty of goodwill. "You break down on the side of the road here, and someone will stop and help," says longtime resident Diane Ortiz.

The Houses
Most residential architecture in Las Vegas predates World War II and is astonishingly well preserved. One-story Spanish adobes stand alongside Italianates and Georgian Revivals. The town is home to nine historic districts on both the state and national historic registers.

The Prices
A ranch-style house might run as low as $100,000, while a Victorian with an adjacent guest house can be had for as little as $300,000.

Why Buy Now?
New Mexico recently doubled its tax credit—from $25,000 to $50,000—for individuals renovating historic properties.

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