town of Lincolnville, St. Augustine, Florida
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Lincolnville, St. Augustine, Florida

The Neighborhood
St. Augustine, the nation's oldest city, founded by Spanish explorers in 1565, is known for its beaches and the 1672 coquina Spanish fortress that guards its shores. But it's the city's Lincolnville neighborhood that's getting attention—and rehab work—these days. Developed just after the Civil War, this area is brimming with Victorian-era structures and lush flowering gardens. Some of the homes have undergone stunning renovations, done by longtime residents as well as the snowbirds who've recently discovered the area; others await a return to their former glory.

The Houses
Lincolnville's homes, dating primarily from 1870 to 1920, include Craftsman, Italianate, and Folk Victorian examples. Most retain their original details.

The Prices
A fixer-upper bungalow will start at around $180,000, while a large Stick Victorian in good shape might cost $300,000.

Why Buy Now?
The area has experienced a high number of foreclosures on properties bought up by out-of-state investors during more prosperous times (like two years ago). So there are plenty of bargains to be had.

Among the best for:
Fixer-Uppers, Retirees, The South

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