CatSeat by Feline Evolution
Photo: Feline Evolution
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Skip the Litter

The negative impact of cat litter on the environment is two fold: First, many brands are obtained through mining, and secondly, used litter, which can contain parasites and disease, goes straight to the landfill. The Feline Evolution CatSeat might help you skip the litter altogether. The device can be used as a regular litter box on the floor, but once you've trained your cat (which admittedly may be difficult), he or she can use the commode in much the same way a person would. When a human user comes in, the shelves retract into the center of the seat at the push of a button. Some people have been able to toilet train their cat without any type of aid, but CatSeat may ease the process. Other eco-friendly options include using litter made from recycled newspapers, hemp, or straw. About $110, Feline Evolution CatSeat by Feline Evolution

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