4-way composite, display cases
Photo: Bill Mazza

Store Your Stuff

Our readers collect stuff—lots of stuff. And they can’t all be as creative as Cath Strung of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada, who built a wall of glass shelves in the powder room to hold her Westerwald salt-glazed pottery. Lucky for you, there are all sorts of great-looking shelving units out there to display your cherished possessions. Traditional or modern, freestanding or wall-mounted, tall or short, metal or wood—these choices add architectural interest even when they’re empty. (But think how much better they’ll look holding your baby-blue, four-fanged Ice Bats, which is what Cara Dubroff of Hoboken, New Jersey, collects.) And with enough creative storage options, you won’t have to do what Kristina Sell of Jersey City, New Jersey, did: buy a second home just to have a place to stash your stuff.
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