plan for renovated kitchen
Floor Plan: Ian Worpole
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What They Did

1 | MOVED THE TALL PANTRY cabinet farther down the range wall so the door wouldn’t open out toward the tip of the peninsula and block the path between the kitchen and adjoining dining area.
2 | ADDED AN UPPER AND BASE CABINET that Augie and a friend built themselves between the range and the pantry, creating extra countertop work surface and storage. Also, removed an upper cabinet above the range to make room for a larger ventilation hood.
3 | REMOVED UPPER CABINETS over the peninsula that obstructed the view of the dining area. Added two new cabinets with reeded glass doors to fill the leftover void and to replace an odd-sized one on the sink wall.
4 | EASED THE PASSAGE to the family room by exchanging a sharply clipped corner for a longer, gentler angle. This yielded more counter space and allowed for open display shelves below, now used for storing dry goods in glass canisters (found on Craigslist for $5 each).
5 | MADE THE PASS-THROUGH PRACTICAL by adding a wide granite ledge for serving up snacks to the couple’s two boys while they play in the family room.
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