a deck can have the same variety of spaces you have inside your house
Photo: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn
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The same variety of spaces that you have inside your house, such as a breakfast nook or a quiet area for reading, can be reproduced on your deck. To create a hearth for warding off an evening chill, for instance, place an inexpensive portable propane heater or ceramic chiminea in a cozy corner where you can set down all-weather cushions or pull up a couple of lounge chairs. And while elaborate outdoor kitchens stocked with stainless-steel appliances are popular with the well-heeled, a charcoal kettle on wheels and a prefab potting bench with shelves for stowing plates and glasses will certainly fill the bill.

Delineating those spaces on your deck can be done by adding steps to change elevations, varying the orientation of deck boards, or even putting up a lattice wall. You can also use what your yard has to offer by building around a large tree to create a shady area for lounging.
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