pantry turned into laundry room
Photo: Brett Youmans
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Best Laundry Room: After

Who: Brett Youmans
Where: Reading, PA

“After demolition, I covered the floor with a checkerboard of peel-and-stick tiles," said Youmans. "I carried in a couple of design elements from the 1870 Italianate’s kitchen in order to connect the two spaces: One is the vertical subway tiles, which dramatically accentuate the 11-foot kitchen ceiling and are also easy to clean; the other is the library molding, which details both the kitchen cabinets and the countertops. I couldn’t find coat hooks small enough to fit on the library molding in the new mudroom, so I used doorstops in a brushed-nickel finish, which worked perfectly. “The front-loading washer and dryer fit beneath a quartz countertop that steps down over a trash compactor at the far end. It’s a generous counter space for folding clean clothes or coming through the nearby back door and depositing armfuls of groceries! Among the many cabinets packed into the room is a small storage bench, where you can sit to change your shoes before heading outside to the garden. The room redo resulted not only in a bright passageway in the back of the house but in a great spot for getting the chores done.”
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