new shed built of cedar
Photo: Ron and Theresa W.
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Best Shed: After

The shed sits on a concrete slab and is made entirely of cedar. The doors and windows needed to be custom-made due to the building’s small size, but the shingles were free, found in the basement of a house Ron’s coworker bought. Ron designed the 14-by-14-foot shed so he could store lawn equipment on one side and use the rest as a workshop—he builds bird feeders, fences, anything our home needs. Building the shed was a family affair: We have nine children. Four of the boys helped build the shed, and a couple of our daughters got in on the shingling. Ron crowned it with a cupola and topped it with a weather vane we gave him for his birthday. He’s a real perfectionist, but he has perspective. With each construction snag, he'd remind us, "It's just a shed."
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