pergola lit up at night
Photo: Chris S.
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Pergola From Scratch: After

Who: Chris S.
Where: Warwick, New York

I had a lot of help by now, including my other son, Brendan, who is 22. We made the trellis top out of pressure-treated 2x12s for the frame. We used 2x10s for the crosspieces; I cut each end in the same decorative shape. We set 1x2s perpendicular to the crosspieces, then we put down gravel flooring and installed floodlights at the column bases.

When the yearlong job was done, we had a dedication party. Deb's father died while we were building the pergola. We named the area "Papa's Place," in memory of a dear man.

Who did the work: I did most of the work myself
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