back porch after remodel
Photo: Tye and Elva D.
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Back-Porch Revival: After

Who: Tye and Elva D.
Where: Albany, Oregon

. We replaced all of the subfloor and reinforced the foundation underneath this portion of the house. We pulled down all the wood paneling back to the studs to add insulation and to replace the old plumbing and wiring in the walls. We added a radiator for heat. The asbestos ceiling tiles were removed, and we were delighted to discover the original beadboard ceiling of the porch underneath. We added wainscoting and were able to fabricate trim for above the windows and the doors that would match the existing woodwork in the rest of the house. We fixed all the windows--replacing the cracked window panes with wavy glass and restringing all the old cords. We also refinished the back door which was painted with a kaleidoscope of paint colors over the years. We enjoy this room very much and spend a great deal of time out here all year round (now that it is heated and comfy).

Who did the work:I did most of the work myself
Cost:Under $5,000
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