Two lit entry lights
Photo: Lendon Flanagan

Entry Lights

You probably don’t give much thought to your outside lighting. Sure, those fixtures mounted on the house let you find your way inside without too much fumbling with the keys and help extend porch powwows well into the summer night. But exterior lights can also make or break the appearance of a facade, so it’s worth the effort to choose wisely. For example, lighting designers love surface—hugging sconces for their ability to "graze" illumination onto textured stone or stucco walls and three-dimensional trimwork, creating an inviting, theatrical effect. But if your walls are less than perfect, you can hide that worn paint or those badly weathered shingles with an armed lantern that extends away from the house and pools its light on your front steps. On the following pages, we’ve assembled a collection of sconces—from traditional nautically inspired and Craftsman-style lanterns to space-age glowing orbs—that are sure to be noticed.
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