an arbor frames a view with antique climbing roses
Photo: Tom McWilliam
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7. Frame a View

An arbor is a simple way to create a vista. Here, a sequence of framing elements extends past the arbor, which is covered with antique climbing roses. Flanking rows of yellow-blooming butterfly bush lead to pairs of evergreen shrubs, then trees. The straight-shot perspective emphasizes a lineup of focal points: a stone garden urn, a courtyard bed bursting with pink geraniums, and a planter in front of a side door that leads to the family room. This arbor is made from salvaged ironwork about a foot wide. But you could carve an opening in a tall hedge or use a classic wooden garden arch for a similar effect, even in a much smaller space. Place it streetside to frame the view to the front door, or by the side of the house to provide a peek into the backyard.
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