pea gravel leads to an oval of decorative hardscape flanked by short stucco pillars in Pennsylvania garden
Photo: Tom McWilliam

Where Great Garden Ideas Come From

Chalk it up to the power of the printed page. All the gardens that flourish around Densey and Ronald Juvonen's Chester County, Pennsylvania, house are of Densey’s design, based almost entirely on landscapes she pored over in magazines and books. She clipped and photocopied—assembling file folders marked “stonework” and “color combinations”—and fueled her imaginings with visits to nearby Longwood Gardens. Drawing her plans to scale using graph paper, Densey formulated a unique mix of French and Italian formal landscaping up close to the house, with looser English gardens farther afield. Working in stages and with a talented local mason, Denis Hare, she tamed the open area around her home into a series of beautiful and useful spaces. There are lessons anyone can learn from looking at the stunning results. Feel free to print them out and start a few idea files of your own.
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