After floor plan of renovated bath
Illustration: Ian Warpole
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Floor Plan After: New Space

A 78-square-foot bumpout created a space that two can share comfortably, with three big windows, dual vanities, a walk-in shower, and a private toilet room. New built-in storage keeps everything neat and tidy.

What They Did

1. Bumped Out the Far End of the Bath, creating a larger, windowed bay to hold the freestanding 6-foot tub and enough room for built-in vanities on either side.
2. Built a Platform to raise the 6-foot tub high enough to give the bather an uninterrupted sight line to the river.
3. Moved the Doorway out of the clipped corner where it stood and toward the center of an adjacent wall.
4. Relocated the Shower to where the linen closet was, expanding its footprint as well as that of the adjacent toilet area.
5. Increased Privacy in the master bath by creating a separate toilet room with its own door.
6. Created a Dressing Area with a vanity table flanked by floor-to-ceiling wardrobe cabinets along the wall where the tub and shower had stood.
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