In Living Color

Appliances in all the colors of the rainbow greeted us at the 2008 International Builders’ Show—apparently stainless steel, so recently edgy, is on its way out. We also saw green (figuratively) options, with appliances touting their Energy Star badges and claiming water-saving steam as the new way to clean. Balancing all that eco-talk was the 50-amp TurboChef, which makes no apologies, it just makes dinner—fast—behind an oven door in any color you can imagine.

Roasting 12-pound turkeys in 42 minutes and chocolate souffles in 3 has left the Turbo Chef team plenty of time to expand its color options. The $6,000 supersonic convection cooker currently comes in seven colors, but this year they plan to expand their line to over 200 custom hues. The crowd munching on lamb chops at the booth (inset) seemed plenty pleased with what was going on inside the ovens, too.
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