dining room has cabinets and drawers that open under the stairs
Photo: Dominique Vorillon
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Dining Room

Even though the new spaces added 775 square feet, the house was still compact enough to -require some innovative thinking. One of the most unusual aspects of Tink-Fox’s revised layout was that it eliminated nearly all interior hallways, using rooms as traffic corridors instead. When entering the house from the garage, for example, the traffic flow leads you through the mudroom/laundry and the guest bedroom before you reach the living room. “We made a mental leap that it would be okay to walk through rooms,” says Tink-Fox. “In the first-floor guest bedroom, we would have lost 50 square feet of space if we had created a hallway.” Since just Steve and Janet were going to be using the house on an everyday basis, the compromise made sense. Similarly, the only door from the side yard into the house opens directly into the first-floor bathroom, making it a convenient stop for cleaning off sandy feet. And instead of creating a hallway to accommodate the added stairway, Tink-Fox placed the stairs at one end of the new dining room, reasoning that the open space above the stairs would add a sense of airiness in the modest dining space.
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