What We Did

Remodeling Cost: $150,000
Time Frame: 7 years and counting
Where We Saved: Got building materials at auctions and flea markets and learned how to do basic repair work, like plastering and running wires for new outlets, by ourselves.
Where We Splurged: Buying some really nice era-appropriate lights and a late-19th-century mahogany table.
What We’d Do Differently: Salvage all of the wavy glass windows we replaced and use them on the three-story porch. We would also have taken more time redoing the master bath, which has another remodel in its future now that we can do better tiling.
Biggest Challenge: On a personal level, just learning to work together. On the remodeling side, learning to strip paint effectively and safely.
How We Solved It: Trial and error, plus a lot of patience for both.
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