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Photo: Nathan Kirkman
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When the Stilps first bought the place, they expected to salvage a lot of materials. Though the sellers had removed many original details, such as pocket doors, door trim, and hardware, they had tucked them away upstairs. But when the Stilps took possession on closing day, they were greeted by an empty attic. "The owner thought he was doing us a favor by cleaning out all the 'junk,'" she says with laugh. Despite the initial setback, the couple persevered. One pair of pocket doors survived the purge, and Plewa's crew took their cues from the home's surviving woodwork, measuring, cutting, and crafting needed trim on-site. A little web surfing and antiquing helped Regina round out the details. They selected fixtures, paint colors, fabrics, and furnishings to complement the architecture. The resulting house is far from dark and drab, largely because Regina chose a color palette that sets off the wood nicely. Moss-green runs up the staircase, rich blue presides over the chair rail in the dining room, and gold adds life to the family room.
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