Photo of loft residents
Photo: Mark Lund

A Loft Grows Up

A block-long abyss in the asphalt right outside the door. Forty-one steep, narrow, sloping steps up to the third floor. Sleeping four to a walled-off room while construction was in full swing.

Every remodel has its rough spots—and Sara Lopergolo and Ed Wood's downtown Manhattan loft redo was no exception. In fact, the crew ended up having to maneuver building materials through street repairs that exposed underground pipes all along the couple's block—ruling out convenient curbside delivery. Then there was the 19th-century building's lack of an elevator, which cost even more time and money as deliveries had to be lugged up and debris carted down. Add in typical renovation headaches like having to eat out every night at a local diner with kids Chiara, 9, and Bennett, 6, as the dusty construction work dragged on, and you've got a glimpse into the challenges of this urban loft renovation.
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