new eco friendly bath design with built in storage and effiicient grooming space
Photo: Tria Giovan

Spacious Family Bath

Before the days of master suites with private dressing and washing areas, most old houses had just one lone—and typically tiny—bathroom used by everyone on the main sleeping floor. So it was with Scarlet Fu and Dennis Goh's 1905 house in Brooklyn, New York, where a small, dim bath served not only the couple but also their young son and their soon-to-be-born baby.

To help realize their vision of a new bath that would be both luxurious and an efficient bathing and grooming space for their growing family, the couple hired Erika Doering, a local designer. Doering devised a solution by converting an unused bedroom adjacent to the original bath into a new, larger shared space, claiming extra square footage for a built-in tub, a separate walk-in shower, a two-sink vanity table, and a wall of built-in storage. The original bathroom became a dressing area and a passageway that connects the master bedroom to the new bath. There's another entry off the common hall.
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