big brown bat
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Big Brown Bats

Did you know that there are 1,000 bat species worldwide? Amazingly, bats make up almost a quarter of all mammal species on earth. You may already have bats around your house and not know it! The big brown bat, the little brown bat, the pallid bat, the Brazilian free-tailed bat, and the northern long-eared bat are common species of bats in North America. Here’s some information about each of them, so if you build a bat house, you'll know who's moving into it.

Big Brown Bat has fur that is shiny brown and wing membranes, ears, feet, and face that are dark brown to blackish in color. Big brown bats navigate as they fly, using ultrasonic sound waves and listening to the echo to locate objects, a process known as echolocation. Big brown bats are nocturnal insectivores, eating many night flying insects such as beetles and wasps.
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