Slitti Chocolate Rusty Tools from Tuscan International
Photo: Courtesy Tuscan International/ Slitti

Handmade Hardware

If you're looking for the world's finest gourmet chocolate, it doesn't get any better than Tuscany's handmade confections. And, home-improvement aficionados everywhere rejoice in knowing that Andrea Slitti, of the world-famous Slitti Cioccolato in Tuscany, is thinking of them. Slitti creates his beautiful extra-dark chocolate tools (Ferri Vecchi) by hand and dusts them with cocoa powder to give them a rusty, antiqued look. Each box is then numbered and dated by hand, making every set a rare and special gift. You'd think it'd be easy to scarf down gourmet chocolates, but these are almost too beautiful to eat. Almost.

About $35 with special This Old House promotion. Tuscan International
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