Floor Plan After: What They Did

1. Installed a Lazy Susan inside the cabinet to the left of the range, replacing nonoperable drawers from the previous remodel. The turntable is now hidden behind a double-hinged corner cabinet door.
2. Added an Upper Cabinet and Lower Drawers to the right of the range, replacing a super-skinny (useless) cabinet and a full-height pantry unit that made the cooking space cramped. A new section of glass-tile backsplash and a ribbed-glass cabinet door blend with the rest of the kitchen.
3. Moved the Laundry from a closet in the kitchen ell to the addition, and converted the area into a walk-in pantry for food, canister, and cookbook storage.
4. Added a Skylight to bring much-needed natural light into the room.
5. Widened a Doorway to the hall to improve traffic flow into the kitchen.
6. Reconfigured the Island. The base remained, but the countertop was changed to one 36 inches high, comfortable for both working and eating. A 42-inch-high cabinet was placed along one side to screen it from the dining area.
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