Photo: Sara Essex
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The Plan

1. Integrate Existing Cabinets with new, custom-fitted cupboards by local cabinetmaker Roger Graham, painting them varying shades of green. This not only stretched the budget, it spared perfectly good woodwork a needless trip to the landfill.
2. Reconfigure the Layout to create task-oriented stations and ease the traffic jam: Sliding the range into the spot freed up by the sink and removing the short, single-cabinet peninsula that stuck out into the room provided space for an island with a second sink, storage, and seating.
3. Relocate the Main Sink to directly in front of the room's tall, narrow window for a cheerful, efficient cleanup station. Now dirty dishes are easily transported to the dishwasher from the adjoining dining room.
4. Vary Counter Heights and surface materials—like the galvanized zinc around the main sink and the tumbled-marble tile behind the Wolf range—to give the kitchen a built-over-time look. Four well-coordinated paint colors blend the old and the new in an effective, unforced fashion.
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