solar-powered walkway torches from Hammacher-Schlemmer
Photo: Courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer
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Brighten an Outdoor Walkway

Folks are still laughing about that long "trip" cousin Ralphie took the night he came bounding up to your house. Save him from further embarrassment by installing solar-powered lights, a quick, no-wiring-needed way to illuminate dark walkways. Available in an array of styles, they use photovoltaic cells to soak up the sun's energy, which gets stored in a battery that powers the bulbs after dark. But if the location is shady or you don't want to risk having no lights after a dark, cloudy day, use battery-operated landscape lights instead. They can last for weeks on a pair of D-cells each. Either way, look for lights with LED bulbs, which use very little power.

The solar model shown here is available from Hammacher Schlemmer
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