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Call home or go online to get dinner started with TMIO's 30-inch electric double wall oven. You can remotely control the cooking process by calling in to your oven or going to, where the controls are displayed exactly as you see on your oven at home—in real time. The oven also acts as a refrigerator, keeping foods fresh while waiting to be cooked, or providing extra space for chilling beverages when entertaining. Stay in control with flat panel control screens, that can be installed anywhere in your house. Multiple rack convection allows you to cook a variety of foods simultaneously, without the transferring flavors and a warming mode will keep food warm once the cooking process is done. Other functions include proofing and dehydration for baking, as well as temperature meat probe monitors, and a Green Clean cleaning system that is energy-efficient, using no formaldehyde in its self-cleaning process. About $7,495; TMIO
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