storm-readiness kit
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Storm-Readiness Kit

Being prepared isn't just for Boy Scouts. The materials in this kit are great to keep on hand in the garage or workshop—the next time a storm knocks out the electricity, they'll prove a heck of a lot more useful than a fruitcake.

1. Black & Decker Storm Station has a 25-watt rechargeable battery to power small household appliances, a recharging port for cell phones, weather radio, LED flashlight, and a "find me" light that turns on when the power goes out (as long as it's plugged in); $99;
2. Medium-size blue tarp, $9; Homedepot
3. Husqvarna E-Series gas-powered Chainsaw with a 16-inch bar helps clear the way when the wind throws tree limbs in your path; $230; Husqvarna
4. Super Bungee contractor pack has 12 cords in assorted lengths; $7; Homedepot
5. Leatherman Surge multi-tool has pliers, wire cutters, knives, screwdrivers, ruler, can opener, electrical wire crimper and more; $90; Leatherman 6. Wind and waterproof matches, $3; Coghlans
7. Duct tape, $6; Homedepot
8. Estwing 22-Ounce framing hammer, $30; Estwing
9. Dasco Pro 17-inch ripping bar, $14; Ace Hardware
10. Freeplay X-RAY LED flashlight provides 20 minutes of light per 30 seconds of hand winding, no batteries required; $35; Order Tree
11. SweetWater Microfilter not only keeps hikers hydrated but also is useful when home tap water is contaminated; $60; REI
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