Kid's tool kit
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Kid's Tool Kit

Arm your future DIYer (age 10 and older) with these lighter-weight, easier-to-grip tools and gain two extra hands on your next project.

1. Skil iXO cordless palm-size screwdriver is perfect for small hands, yet brute enough to tackle trim on a tree house thanks to a lightweight and long-lasting lithium-ion battery. Has a 34-piece bit set; about $50; Skil
2. Mini maglite flashlight with adjustable beam; about $11;
3. McGuire-Nicholas tool bag of sturdy canvas with 14-inch-wide opening will hold it all; about $28; McGuire-Nicholas
4. Chrone 6-inch Crescent wrench, about $10; Cooper Hand Tools
5. Estwing 12-ounce claw hammer has a cushioned, nonslip rubber-grip handle; about $25; Estwing
6. Tough Tools 6-inch needle nosed pliers, about $3; Rubbermaid Tough Tools
7. Stud Magnet rare earth magnetic bar tells you where to anchor heavy shelves by detecting the metal fasteners that attach drywall to wood studs; about $10; All Magnetics
8. Tough Tools Stubby Screwdriver is easy to hold, stores six bits in the handle so Junior won't lose them like Lego pieces; about $7; Rubbermaid Tough Tools
9. OXO 9-inch torpedo level (DISCONTINUED)
10. Lufkin 10-foot measuring tape, about $8; Cooper Hand Tools
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